updateapTime for some important Windows Phone apps updates.

 Windows Phone 8.1 Music app update brings track change by swipping back and some UI layout changes.


  • Swipe the album art on the Now Playing screen to change tracks.
  • UI layout changes to make more room for content.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Windows Phone 8.1 video app has been updated too. The update brings minor bug fixes and improvemsnts.


  • Fixed an issue that many users mentioned in store reviews where the app would stop immediately after it was launched after an upgrade from Windows Phone 8.0. This issue has been has been difficult for us to reproduce, so we added additional hooks to help us understand why this problem occurs.
  • Better error notifications when a rental has expired.
  • Fixed a problem with playing downloaded movies while offline.
  • Fixed several localization issues.
  • Fixed a problem where Xbox Video’s collections showed blank content after an upgrade or relaunch.

Facebook and OneDrive apps have also seen minor updates it seems as no changelog is provided.

Flickr Booth has a long list of changes to show.

– Block user shortcut
– Change privacy settings and permissions for selected photos to batch edit
– Share selected photos to batch edit
– Download selected photos to batch edit
– Set location for selected photos to batch edit
– Replace tags for selected photos to batch edit
– Append tags for selected photos to batch edit
– Remove comments from photos, albums and groups
– Permissions (comments and meta) to photo details editor
– Ability to replace a photo with a different one from the device
– Added sign in page
– Option to copy embed HTML code to clipboard in photo viewer
– Ability to edit an album metadata
– Ability to add albums information to OneNote
– Ability to add galleries information to OneNote
– Ability to add users information to OneNote
– Ability to add groups information to OneNote
– Show interesting photos instead of following if a user doesn’t follow anyone
– Minor bug fixes

6Snap’s latest update comes with below changelog,

– chat conversation with your contacts
– display more snaps, you can scroll to see old snaps)
– search snaps





Flickr Booth