Time for some apps updates!!

Nokia MixRadio has become MixRadio with the latest update. Apart from rebranding the other change is just Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Xbox One smartglass update brings below mentioned changes,

•   General stability and polish improvements
•   Bug fixes
•   Search for and pin Bundles

wpTorrent update has following to report in changes,

1. New feature: Support downloading directly to SD card and other phone hubs.
2. Improved compatibility with other torrent clients.
3. Improved app behavior in shutting down and resuming.
4. Improved torrent adding UI.
5. Improved magnet link sharing.
6. Added Google and Bing as default engines.
7. Added max connections option.
8. other minor impotents.

Remote Desktop is updated with,

• Improved ability to connect to your home PC by name
• Resized the remote keyboard based on the device size
• Bug fixes and other improvements

Note Plus has the below changelog,

* Fixes a skin bug
* Fixes a bug on Windows Phone 8.1

Mixradio link

wpTorrent link

 Xbox One smartglass link

Remote Desktop

Note Plus