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Android Q to get a system-wide dark mode treatment


The dark mode throughout 2018 has been the talk of the town. We have seen both Google and Apple going all in with dark mode. But unlike Apple, Google is yet to officially announce it on its mobile operating system. As first reported by AndroidPolice, the upcoming Android Q might be the first version of Android to get the system-wide dark mode treatment.

This, however, isn’t coming from the horse’s mouth. A Googler created a tracker in the Chrome Gerrit and under its description, he adds that “dark mode is an approved [Android] Q feature”. ”[Android] Q team wants to ensure that all preloaded apps support dark mode natively” he further explained.

Now that we are talking about the dark mode and Android, you might be familiar with various custom ROMs that already offers a system-wide dark mode, take Oxygen OS as an example. But since there was little support from Google things did not go very well for third-party ROMs to take full advantage of it. Going forward, this would change if Google does not put a full stop to the development. To put things into perspective, it is the stock Android users who are patiently waiting for the dark mode to arrive in their beloved smartphones.

Speaking of stock Android, HMD’s Nokia is among the very few companies that rock Android in its pure form. Android Q is slated for a Q2 of 2019 release.


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