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Android powered Lumia bearing ‘Nokia by Microsoft’ branding rumored

Nokia-X2-platform_featIt will classify as most puzzling move by Microsoft and Nokia, if true. evleaks claims that Android powered Lumia may be incoming and will sport the again rumored “Nokia by Microsoft” branding.

It is hard to understand the rationale behind such a move, as it should directly impact Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform, stripping it of its Lumia identity. Though we have just seen a render of an announced Lumia device (may be Lumia 830) bearing “Nokia by Microsoft“.

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  • apama

    the new Microsoft It’s about “Mobile 1st, Cloud 1st, u go where most people are going and offering your “mobile and cloud” services to them, don’t see anything wrong with this direction. It’s not easy to turn the android tidal wave.

    • Kamal

      As a customer and Nokia fan, it is a news to cheer for!! Many had wanted Nokia quality hardware + Android. But will be a shocker to many hardcore Microsoft + Windows Phone fans out there 🙂

  • JLIT99

    This is really weird, but there were rumours of this before the acquisition. I would have thought they would have been scrapped by now though.

    I’m definitely interested.

    • Kamal

      That’s what looks surprising. Nokia pursuing higher-end Android phone was something I heard repeatedly, but logical conclusion was that Microsoft has scrapped such plans.

      • Puts an end to all the analysts who gave Nokia’s Android plans as the reason for Microsoft taking over Nokia. Now it seems MS is more interested in making a mark in Hardware and Windows Phone is to be left behind.
        Will these be crap devices powered by X platform? Or are we gonna see Proper Android here? What do you think? 😉

        • Kamal

          Higher end Android devices based on Nokia X Platform 2.0, I guess 🙂

          • JLIT99

            I think it’s going to be the X platform… Microsoft is all in on the Metro style unfortunately.
            And, there’s no way it will have Google services..

            My take is that it will look like this:

            This is really going to upset the hardcore Windows Phone fans..

          • That’s okay then. Don’t care. They wont sell so good. unless the design is their selling point, the sad android won’t help.

            • JLIT99

              If it has an amazing camera (1020-esque) and top hardware, I’d get one to put CyanogenMod on.

              • That’s only if CyanogenMod will be ported to this, right? Plus those poor hardware buttons will always be resisting. I don’t know why they can’t just go the standard android way :/ It will sell, sell better!

      • JLIT99

        It’s beginning to look like Microsoft bought Nokia to enter the Android market!

        Everyone thought that they bought Nokia to stop the Android phone development. It seems Microsoft knows that Windows Phone is in a precarious position…

        • Or if we see the other way, they are kinda doing what Google did to steal MS’s loyal Windows users towards it’s services and finally towards android and chromebooks 😉