Android has overtaken Windows as the most popular operating system (OS), reveals latest data shared by StatCounter. Posting this as “Milestone in technology history and end of an era”, StatCounter says that Google Android has crossed Microsoft Windows in in terms of total internet usage across all devices combined.

As per the report, Android is now the leading OS with worldwide OS internet usage market share of 37.93%, which puts slightly ahead of Windows (37.91%).

The contrast between usage of these two OSes is stark. While Android today powers 80% of smartphones, Windows still rules the roost when it comes to Laptops and PCs with 84% share. But while Smartphones are growing at fast pace, Laptops and PC market is shrinking, though 2-in-1 devices have emerged as a rare bright spot.

While it will be too early to claim so, StatCounter’s report terms it as end of Microsoft’s leadership worldwide of the OS market which it has held since the 1980s. The report also notes that Android only had 2.4% of global internet usage share five years ago.”

The Android’s rise to dominance in smartphones has been gone mostly unchallenged with on and off efforts by Microsoft in Mobile devices. Under CEO Balmer, Microsoft acquired Nokia’s Devices decision to make a significant impact in smartphones market. However once Satya Nadela took the charge as CEO, the new mobile strategy or lack of it crashed the Windows Phone share globally. Even in Europe, where once Windows Phone had more than 10% market share it has now plummeted.