Some screenshots leak from a claimed Android 12 official document shared by Google with its partners. These screenshots reveal the UI changes and some new features that Android 12 may bring with itself.

Android 12 may feature a revamp of how notifications are displayed with a new notifications panel. It may also mandate camera and microphone indicators in new privacy features. There may be a new “conversations widget” too that may be a mandatory feature for all Android 12 devices.

Now coming to details let us have a first look at the Android 12 UI changes. The new notifications panel has many changes from how it looks in Android 11. Though most of the changes here are cosmetic. There are new privacy indicators in the top right and the number of quick-action icons has reduced to 4 from 6.

Coming to new privacy features, you may receive a status bar indication whenever an app is using the camera or microphone. When you tap on these status bar icons you may see which apps/games are using the camera or microphone. Some screenshots that reveal these new privacy indicators implementation.

Google has also planed some changes in the Android widgets with Android 12. The leaked screenshots shows a new Conversations widget. The widget highlights recent messages, missed calls, and activity statuses. The source also claims that the leaked document hits at this Conversations widget being mandatory for all Android 12 devices.