If you have a look at the table above, then one thing becomes clear that Lumia 900 has kept its sales momentum going. It has been the second best-selling device on AT&T after iPhone4S even for the month of May according to “Canaccord Genuity”.

Canaccord Genuity has published the result of their monthly US retail checks and results confirm Nokia in the list of Top vendors for the very first time ever in USA mobile market. Though Amazon’s best seller list is a good indication for online sales but when retail sales is concerned, Canaccord Genuity  has got great reputation. It seems that Lumia 900 is topping the charts in online sales ( Amazon) but just behind iPhone4S in retail sales.This can also be attributed to lower offer prices of Lumia 900 on Amazon.com.

Again it’s heartening to see Lumia 900 taking onslaught of Android quad-core devices and still selling well. But time seems ripe to infuse some fresh blood for that “Rolling Thunder” strategy.