Though many of us might have guessed that “no upgrade path of Lumia 900 to WP8” may lead many prospective buyers to cancel their plans to  buy  Lumia 900. But seems that at least there is no impact on the “online sales” of Lumia 900 in USA. All three models Black,Cyan and White are holding 2nd, 5th and 9th rankings in top ten “best-seller phones in AT&T” at Amazon.

May be this has something to do with the amazing and unbeatable price at which it is available in USA and especially on Amazon (From $49.99). Anyways good and encouraging news for Nokia.

Similarly Lumia 800C  Cyan version continues to hold second ranking sales wise just behind iPhone 4S on major operator China Telecom. This is really good performance by Lumia 800C considering potential  and competition in China’s smartphone Market.

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China Telecom link