We last reported Lumia device listed as RM-860 destined for USA and having entries at both Occasional gamer and NaviFirm.


Then we came to know about two new Lumia devices RM-885 (Lumia 720) and RM-914 (Lumia 520) passing certification in Indonesia.



Now, one more entry with FW variant RM-887 is there at Occasional gamer. It looks destined to China from the listing.

So, that makes it Four !! We now have four new Lumia devices in pipeline as confirmed by the unique FW variants. Lumia 520 and Lumia 720 are already the low-end and mid-range devices. So, do RM-860 and RM-887 belong to high-end devices and most importantly are these all coming to MWC !!

Keeping fingers crossed !!