ariesAeries, one of the Twitter client for Windows Phone has received a new update. The new version is 2014.1229.1137.4134 Beta. The updates brings French and Portuguese (Brazil) localization,  Better reliability of unread indicators, Tubecast support and more.

Aeries Changelog:

– Fixed bug where replying to tweets wouldn’t be seen as a reply.
– Fixed a crash when refreshing a list timeline.
– Fixed issue with list pages not loading new list when you navigate again.
– Greatly improved pull to refresh action.
– Fixed a potential crash when sending a tweet.
– Updated translations
– Updated icons.
– Tubecast support.
– Should have reduced occurrences of rate limiting.
– Improved loading indicators for more tweets.
– Improved loading for quickly viewing timeline images (should be instant now.)
– Updated layout on Settings -> About. Check it out!
– Better reliability of unread indicators.
– Added French and Portuguese (Brazil) localization.
– Option to display square user images.
– You can now have the appbar hide itself when scrolling downwards

For those of you who don’t know about Aeries, check out the Features below:

Aeries Features:

Aeries is a powerful Twitter client exclusively for Windows. Aeries has been designed to make using Twitter easier than ever, all packaged together in a slickly designed app.

– Filters allow you to block anything from Users to Tweets containing specific text (regex support included).
– Save the position you have read in each of your timelines.
– Create and manage drafts and lists.
– Offline support so you can keep reading even when your signal has given up.

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