Nokia X2 Google Play installer

It seems a new tool created for Nokia X2 makes tasks like rooting, recovering bricked Nokia X2 devices, Custom ROM flashing and even Google Play Store implementation quite easy.  The developer of this tool has posted tool’s download link and even couple of videos to demo the tool in action over the XDA Forum.

Advanced Nokia X2 Tool Details & Tutorial:

Advanced Nokia X2 Tool is yet another toolkit which supports RM-1013 and RM-1014 variants, Stock and CM11 ROMs with full mouse control for:

  • flashing PhilZ Touch, CWM and TWRP custom recovery via adb or fastboot
  • flashing TWRP Nokia X2 Edition custom recovery via adb or fastboot
  • flashing any custom recovery by selecting file via adb or fastboot
  • flashing stock recovery via adb or fastboot
  • deodexing system
  • odexing system
  • rooting, installing SuperSu and SU binaries
  • un-root
  • installing minimal gapps for running Google Play Store on system or data
  • removing gapps
  • unbricking soft brick and bootloops
  • flasing insecured kernel via adb or fastboot
  • flashing stock kernel via adb or fastboot
  • fixing Facebook and Messenger login issues on CM11
  • installing ADB, fastboot and MTP drivers
  • installing QPST drivers for changing/fixing IMEI
  • running QPST mode for changing/fixing IMEI
  • creating imei.qcn file (see what is imei.qcn:
  • erasing IMEI
  • wiping data and dalvik cache
  • viewing live logcat
  • removing brick-trap (packageverifier.apk)
  • removing Nokia’s DRM spyware (autosms.apk)

It has been tested on:

  • Nokia X2 Dual Sim RM-1013 –
  • Nokia X2 Dual Sim RM-1013 – CM11 – 28/06/2015 release
  • Nokia X2 Prototype Single Sim RM-1014 –

The tool should work for all versions, roms and regions. Download the tool from here.

Watch the hands-on video below to see the tool in action:

How to fix IMEI tutorial:


!!! Always uninstall old version before installing new version
!!! Always use last version before reporting bugs and issues

Now, since it is a 3rd party tool, risk and fun is all yours and it may harm your devices. Do let us know whether this tool has worked for you in comments below.


Thanks Tej & Nile for the tip. Cheers!!