Nokia-Lumia-720-unibody-designWhat we heard from sources about Lumia 720 successors is slowly getting confirmed. So, after RM-983, RM-984 and RM-985 which will be promoted as higher end of two Lumia 720 successors, Adduplx database throws variant codes for the Selfie phone. These two variants codes RM-1038 and RM-1039 have 4.7-inch, 720p resolution display which matches to what we heard from our sources as well for the Selfie phone.

The Adduplex report further confirms that this Selfie phone has been seen globally including AT&T in the US. So, it further confirms what we already know.

It may pack a big 5 MP FFC for Selfies. It may have a 8 MP rear cam. It may be first launched at Verizon during August and later may come to other carriers and markets.” It will run Windows Phone 8.1 GDR1 out of box.

We have reported about a new Lumia Lineup coming to market during August-September and it has begun with Lumia 530 announcement already. We also think ( not confirmed though ) that Selfie phone may be known as Lumia 730, while the other slightly higher end ( RM-983, RM-984 and RM-985 ) successor may come as Lumia 830 ( Let us see whether that comes true).

Via: Adduplex