Some highlights and trends identified from the Adduplex’s current stats for WP devices captured on 7th June.

  • Nokia now holds 83% of overall WP devices share and 84% when it comes to WP8 devices.
  • Lumia 520’s mercurial rise continues worldwide. Now 5th most sold WP device. Becomes top device in India, 2nd most sold in France, Gains heavily in other markets.
  • Lumia 620 has also kept its very strong momentum and now the 4th most sold WP device .
  • WP8 share is now shown at 53% outnumbering WP7 for the first time. Though we have reservations about this data, but great to see WP8 going from strength to strength.


  • Lumia 920 keeps its top position with 12% share thanks to brisk sales in China, Australia, Germany and others. This confirms the trend that we identified with help of sales performance of Lumia 920 in China, click here.


  • Heartening to see Lumia 521 and Lumia 928 appearing with nearly 2 and 2.4% share in US. It confirms good uptake for these devices. With help of these two Verizon and T-Mobile has improved their share. Verizon is now the top dog!!



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