In this quick interview the big question that is asked from Ben Rudolph is what are the big things for Windows Phone after the release of WP8.1. Joe says his favorite two new features and features he misses most when going back to WP8 or a competing device are Cortana and the new word flow keyboard.

Cortana was a bit of a given, since Windows Phone 8 does not have a virtual assistant, plus Cortana is more of an actual assistant than just a button you can press and ask how old the Great Wall of China is.  Cortana learns who you are and offers suggestions, along with a Cortana home page that can offer you usual things you have asked from Cortana such as Sports scores or news.  Cortana is a for sure number one to look forward to.

The improved word flow keyboard, Windows Phone now holds the record for fastest keyboard, because of the lack of lag you will see in the New 8.1 update.  The record was broken with a Lumia 520 running a beta of 8.1.  That statement shows that Microsoft puts fluidity first.  I am not a super fast typer by any means, but knowing the record is held on a Windows Phone just says that I will not have any issues with out speeding my keyboard.

Let us know what you are most excited about with Windows Phone 8.1.  Is it the fact that every device from the 1520 and the Icon to the 520 will get it, or is it lady of the hour, Cortana.  I will attach the interview between Joe Belfiore and Ben Rudolph.