Have a look at the phone shown above. This was caught by some of eagle eyed readers at Nokia Conversations, while watching the official “PureMotion demo” video. Just pause the below video at about 0:56 and you can catch glimpse of the above device with different lower bezel design than the Lumia 920.


For making it clearer, have a look at the Lumia 920’s picture below and check the diffrence between position of capacitive touch buttons near the bottom. In case of above device the capacitive touch buttons are placed much lower than they are on Lumia 920.

This give rise to hope that one more Lumia device may be coming soon with above design and PureMotion display. Lumia 910/908 ? Just to emphasize the same is the case with Lumia 800 and Lumia 900 and Lumia 900’s lower part looks much better with position of capacitive touch buttons.