nokia_lumia_1520_yellow-backWe just reported via our sources that Microsoft is working on two 5.7 inch Lumias. One of them will be high-end one while the other will belong to upper mid-range. Now a 5.7-inch Lumia with variant code RM-1085 has been seen in Adduplex Database with 1080p display. This leads us to believe that this device may be the mid-ranger (Lumia 740 XL or Lumia 840 XL) rather than the high-end Lumia Phablet, which we can remember as Lumia 940 XL. Here is what Adduplex has reported in its report for April.

We’ve all felt a drought in terms of new flagships from Microsoft and heard a promise that there will be new high-end phones this year. It’s hard to expect such a phone released at Build, but we can at least hope to hear an announcement. Having said that, we are happy to report that we can confirm that such a phone exists. We have seen something called RM-1085 with a 5.7”, 1080p screen, running Windows 10 exclusively. Not sure if 1080p screen is a sign of high-end or rather a mid-range device in 2015, but at least it’s higher res than anything released after Lumia 930 hit the market at last Build. Judging by the fact that we only see it running Windows 10, it is safe to assume that it won’t be released until Windows 10 Mobile is finished. Other than that, we don’t have any other flagship news at this point.