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808 PureView’s journey to Mount Everest and back. Inspiring experience!!


This must be the second most inspiring thing done with 808 PureView’s monster Cam after the amazing “Earth’s view capture from space in Iceland “.

Finnish mountaineer Atte Miettinen has set himself the daunting task of conquering seven of the great mountains . Known as the Seven Summits challenge, he is attempting to climb the seven highest mountains on each of the seven continents. Fewer than 350 people have done it. In May, Atte completed his sixth and the biggest mountain of them all: Mount Everest. Atte also took a Nokia 808 PureView with him on the Everest expedition and took some great photos.

On asking about what he feels about 808 PureView he said that he preferred carrying compact 808 Pureview over his DSLR and also he is amazed at the quality of Pictures captured with 808 PureView. Read more,

I enjoy it a great deal. I carried a big DSLR as well but I had a big preference for the small and compact Nokia 808 PureView. It was much easier to carry around.

I was amazed at the quality of the pictures. It’s an excellent camera and I think the product will do very well when it gets launched.

It’ll be nice to look back at the pictures and remember the different things that happened on the trip and you appreciate things a lot more that way.

 That sounds amazing.  808 PureView is the only Smartphone which can challenge DSLR quality and can beat it in compactness and readiness in every situation.

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