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5 Years in making: Promo Video shot entirely with 808 PureView’s monster cam.


Time for one more awesome video captured by Monster of a Smartphone camera. Yes we are talking about the 808 PureView only. Perhaps the only Smartphone whose all the promo videos were shot by its camera only.

But this one is special, as it talks about the full story behind making of 808 Pureview.

Shot entirely on the Nokia 808 PureView http://nokia.ly/J5CWGs our all-access documentary brings you the full exclusive story behind the creation of this revolutionary new smartphone and the ground-breaking technology that lies within.

As always, we are itching to get hold of it and click some amazing stills and videos with it.

Coming to the video, for a Smartphone camera it is truly unbelievable. Such kind of professional camera work was perhaps only possible with a DSLR earlier or in smartphones may be N8 could have come closer. Also interesting to note how an amazing idea sketched on a napkin turned into a fully-fledged product. For this exclusive behind-the-scenes documentary, the team travelled to Finland to meet with the inventors of the Nokia 808 PureView, Eero Salmelin and Juha Alakarhu.They also talked to some of the collaborators in video, audio, algorithm and interface design.

So all in all a must watch video for new technology aficionados and Nokia fans alike.


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