In two different independent surveys interesting statistics has come forth.

According to one survey done by where they surveyed 2,371 American smartphone owners between the ages of 18 and 35, and found that most of the respondents liked the look of the new Lumia 920, and were impressed by its specs. In this survey, 39 percent of respondents said they had an iPhone,  while 31 percent had an Android-powered phone such as the Samsung Galaxy S III , while 29 percent had a BlackBerry device.

When asked whether they would consider switching their current cell phone contract to get the Lumia 920, 35 percent said they would consider switching, while the remaining 13 percent said they might be interested, if the price was right. So, that gives us a very good percentage of 48% of all Smartphone users interested in Lumia 920.

The above percentage of 48% looks simply  great, when compared to the percentage of Smartphone user willing to buy  iPhone 5 as found in a different survey. Only 40% of the surveyed smartphone users  have expressed their willingness to buy iPhone 5. Read more about the survey below,

As much as 40% of the smartphone buying public are twiddling their thumbs, waiting to get in line to buy Apple’s iPhone 5, a new poll has revealed.Speaking to 2,000 smartphone-owning respondents aged 18 and over, two fifths of those questioned were preparing to purchase Apple’s latest mobile upgrade. 15% of those were more than willing to queue up outside an Apple Store to be among the first to grab the new iPhone, while a massive 26% aim to have bought the phone by the end of its first week on sale.

Now, if you go ahead and read both the source articles, from where we have taken the above data, a shocking trend comes alive. With only 40% user interested in iPhone 5, the article paints the picture as if whole world is interested in iPhone 5.

On the other hand Lumia 920 survey article is totally misleading in its title and in spite of 48% being interested, paints the sorry picture about low-interest in Lumia 920.

Such, anti-Nokia bias is uncalled for and Tech-media  needs to seriously introspect, otherwise they will erode their credibility amongst common gadget loving readers.

Now coming again to survey done for Lumia 920, some more interesting facts come to fore,

  • According to the survey, 61 percent of consumers who are considering the device were most intrigued by the screen’s ability to detect touch even while a user is wearing gloves.
  • Meanwhile, 52 percent said the PureView photo system, and the ability to take better quality photos was an appealing feature.
  • Others are tempted to buy the phone because of the PureMotion HD video option, wireless charging and docking feature, and ClearBlack option for dimming or brightening the main screen.
  • About a third said the device’s colors were a draw for them, while over a quarter said the offline maps option was a major selling point.