4 in 1The app that has gone free as myAppFree app of the day is 4-in-1 Fitness Pushups, Situps, Squats & Pullups. This app is especially designed by fitness professional for those who find it difficult to maintain consistent workout routines.

Here are the offer details,

Standard Price: $5.99

Bonus last until: 12/03/2015 00:00 (London UTC) – Approx 36 hours


– Beautiful & attractive interface
– Audio coaching throughout the program
– Automatic counters
– Sleek visual graphs to track progress
– Effective Diet Plan for slim-smart body structure
– Workout guides
– 28 Smart handpicked fitness tips
– Score big & earn great looking Rewards
– Share score with friends (facebook, twitter etc)
– 9×4 weeks solid training program designed by fitness professional


– Gain muscular endurance and strength in short span of time
– Incremental training to tune your body to do max reps
– Audio coach tells you when to exert and when to take rest
– Switch to Auto mode (automatically turn to next step in the program)
– Each work out session lasts 15-20 minutes
– Each program consist of 9 weeks and 3 tasks per week

Easy to use & Enjoyable experience

– Repeat / Re-do workout any time
– Listen to your favorite music while working out
– Unlock rewards & earn trophies – Endless motivation
– Easily to do each work out session lasts 15-20 minutes

Track Progress

– Graphical chart to track your complete progress

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