Three new Nokia smartphones may have appeared in the Google’s ARCore database that lists the ARCore supported Android devices. Actually these entries are not live yet in the official list but were found in the process of tear-down of the Google ARCore APK by good fellas at XDA.

These are the three entries that may belong to new Nokia smartphones.

  • AOP_sprout – possibly Nokia 9
  • CTL_sprout – possibly Nokia device
  • PNX_sprout – possibly Nokia “Phoenix” device with Qualcomm Snapdragon 710

We have heard about AOP and PNX code-names before. The leaked Nokia 9 real-life image had AOP as the internal code-name for the proto.

PNX is well-known to be the Nokia Pheonix aka Nokia X7 or 7.1 Plus.

CTL is unknown so far and may be the Nokia 7.1 without notch that we received a tip about.