Nokia has added the 24-inch Nokia Smart TV to its Android TV lineup in Europe. This one is the smallest at 24-inch display size but packs features like HDR10 display and Dolby digital sound quality.

Listed below are all the features and technical specs of the 24-inch Nokia Smart TV. It comes with a 1366 x 768 (HD) resolution display with HDR10 support. It boasts of AV stereo sound with Dolby Digital support.

Small size. All features. Nokia Smart TV 24” is the ideal choice for your second device at home or at your weekend house. Find your match with this 12-volt low power consumption TV when you love caravanning vacations. Android TV offers you a choice of +7000 apps from Google Play Store. Stream movies and series on Netflix, Disney+, YouTube, Prime Video or any other of your preferred platforms. Play games, listen to music or watch live TV.
  • General
    HD │ Smart TV │ Android TV │ LED │ Triple tuner │ Slim bezel │ 60 cm (24 inch) screen diagonal
  • Your benefits
    +7000 apps on Google Play such as streaming services, YouTube, games, TV media centres and more │ Triple tuner for live TV signals │ Ergonomic Bluetooth remote control with voice search and backlit buttons │ Google Assistant finds YouTube videos, the latest blockbuster or searches the Internet │ Built-in Chromecast to stream videos, sports, music and more from your phone to the TV screen │ Playback of videos or music from an external USB device
  • Special features
    1366 x 768 (HD) display resolution │ HDR10 │ Dolby Digital 2.0/ 5.1 │ AV Stereo │ Triple tuner for live TV via terrestrial antenna (DVB-T2), satellite (DVB-S2) or cable (DVB-C) │ Supports SatCR for connecting up to 8 receivers to a SatCR LNB │ CI+ slot for access to Pay TV
  • Supported streaming services
    Netflix* │ Prime Video* │ Disney+* │ YouTube* │ and more*
      * Subscription fees are not included
  • Connections
    Connection to satellite, cable or terrestrial antenna │ 3 HDMI ports (1 HDMI port supports ARC, 3 HDMI ports support CEC) │ CI+ interface for conditional access modules │ 2 USB 2.0 ports for your external harddrive │ 1 coaxial digital audio │ Audio/Video input for an analogue device │ Headphones │ Dual Band Wi-Fi │ Bluetooth

Nokia Smart TV 2400A is now available to buy at the StreamView site for the price of EUR 299. You can buy one by clicking on the link below.

Buy link

In India, Flipkart sells Nokia Smart TVs exclusively but it doesn’t have a 24-inch Nokia Smart TV in its lineup. Probably Nokia may be planning to bring a 24-inch Nokia Smart TV in India too.

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