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Lumia 920’s pre-orders equal or exceed iPhone 5’s order in Netherlands.

One great piece of news coming from Netherlands, where Lumia 920 pre-orders has just begun as the device is going to hit Netherlands in January only. Marc from PureViewClub has just tipped us on this. reports that Nokia Lumia 920, is remarkably popular in Netherlands. The number of orders across

Sold out: All unlocked Lumia 920 stock at Clove, even before the stock has arrived.

First Red then Black and now even White unlocked Lumia 920 has been sold out at Clove. This sounds amazing, when you realize that stock is due on 5th December and that the price quoted is not cheap at all. For your info, the first stock consisting of only White Lumia

Black and White Lumia 920 (Unlocked) stock coming to Expansys UK in 4 days.

Second stock of Lumia 920 now in both Black and White is due to arrive at Expansys UK in 4 days. If you remember the first stock was sold out in less than one day after our reporting the availability and it was top-selling handset for the week at Expansys UK. Though the

Lumia 920T pre-order in China (Suning) opens for amazing price of 4499 Yuan (722 USD).

Though Lumia 920T is supposed to be announced on December 5 and listed from 16th December for sale, but that has not stopped major Chinese retailer Suning to announce pre-order for it. Suning has in fact started taking pre-orders for the device at great price of 4499 Chinese Yuan which is equal

Nokia updates “Smart Shoot” and “Nokia Maps” for Lumia WP8 devices.

Nokia has updated "Nokia Maps" and "Smart Shoot" for Lumia WP8 devices. As can be seen  in the above screenshot, the issues of "Nokia Maps" not starting has been fixed by "Microsoft". Apart from this now the Nokia Maps is loading faster than ever and performance has also got improvement. The Smart shoot

Black Lumia 920 also sold out at Clove. Only White is left to order now.

After Red Lumia 920, Black stock has also been pre-sold at Clove, UK. Only White remains available to order. This is factory unlocked version priced at £520.00. Stock is due on 5th December. But, surprisingly first Red and now Black has been sold out. For your info, the first stock was

Lumia 920 & Lumia 822 in the best selling list at Walmart. Lumia 920 all colors sold out. Price raised to $119.99.

Combination of good and bad news !! Lumia 920 in Black and White and Lumia 822 are in top 10 of the best-selling list for all "Cell phones with plans" at Walmart. This is good seeing two WP8 devices at two major carriers making the cut. Best selling chart link Now, the bad news

“Deadmau5” Nokia Lumia live event captured with Lumia 920.

Yesterday Nokia lighted up London's sky with 4D projection in collaboration with Deadmau. A very creative way to spread Lumia's cool image message to masses. So, what better than recording the event with the Lumia Flagship itself, which has already been crowned as the best smartphone (Baring 808 PureView) for

Lumia 920 launched and completely sold out in Hong Kong.

Lumia 920 has been launched in Hong Kong today for a price of about 4500 Yuan (722 USD) and , got "looted" by buyers and now stands sold out completely. As reported, many buyers returned empty-handed. Though the number of devices in the stock have been quoted to be 7000, still for a small market

Nokia wins patent dispute with RIM. Seeks to enforce the ruling impacting all Blackberry devices with Wi-Fi.

Nokia has won a Tribunal ruling against RIM over use of standard WLAN patents. A Swedish arbitrator had ruled that "RIM was in breach of contract and is not entitled to manufacture or sell WLAN products without first agreeing royalties with Nokia." This could have a significant financial impact to RIM, as

Now Orange France confirms “High Demand” and stock out for Lumia 920.

Our Twitter friend @easycapexpertti has tweeted this piece of news. Lumia 920 is  "out of stock" at Orange France's page and on contacting Orange  has confirmed that it is not due to short supply but "High Demand" for Lumia 920 has caused this stock out. We will take it as the