1Shot camera has received a new update for Windows Phone. The new version is The update brings support for Front Selfie camera
and  Tweak view resize .


* Support for Front Selfie camera
* Tweak view resize when toggling the visibility of soft buttons

Read more about 1Shot camera below,

Take control of your phone camera. 1Shot gives you a choice of simple or advanced settings. App includes a high resolution photo viewer and an option to apply various filters.

Whether your phone sports a 41 mega pixel camera on Lumia 1020, 20 mega pixel Lumia 1520 / Verizon Icon / Lumia 930 or a 5 mega pixel camera on Lumia 520, 1Shot will work expose every available option.

Best of all, images (including high resolution) are stored straight into camera roll and depending upon your OneDrive upload settings, you can get those saved straight to cloud.

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