c190e15c-62e9-4bf4-9161-808db5bee592One of the best third party windows phone camera app 1Shot camera goes free for limited time. It gives you a choice of simple or advanced settings with high resolution photo viewer and also provides an option to apply various filters. The high resolution images are stored directly into camera roll.

Description and features:

 Whilst no unexpected behaviour has been noticed while storing high resolution pictures, it is possible that storage of high res images maybe cause expected behaviour on device and cause other apps installed (that use camera roll) to crash

With onscreen options for flash, timer, capture mode and scenes, this should help all Lumia and non Lumia Windows Phone 8 users

For those who like manual control, turn on Advanced Camera Options to access ISO, Shutter Speeds, Exposure Compensation and White Balance Presets.

Install link

Thanks Fausto for this tip.