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Yanko Design shows Nokia Fit ring concept


We were recently tipped that Yanko Design had released pictures of a Nokia Ring concept, so I thought what that could possibly look like, and this concept was the last thing I would have thought.  I was thinking more along the lines of a toned down smart watch.  I am honestly not 100% sure how I feel about this concept.  It is very interesting, but before I say my true thoughts on something like this I guess I would need to see it in action.

The article states that the ring is made out of rubber and silicone, plus it is water proof, which is a nice touch.  I am looking forward to some kind of concept video on this.  Also, let us know what you think about the concept, since this is the year of wearable tech.



Jeff Holloway
I am an information systems major. I am a big nokia fan and I am glad to be part of the Nokia power user team. I am also a big fan of fantasy football and fantasy hockey. Currently using a Lumia Icon. Have a nice read and feel free to share your feedback. @fantasyandfones