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While going through latest and one month old reports from KWP, this came out as a highlight to us. Though, big markets like UK and France are near 10% mark in terms of WP sales share, one market where recent surge in WP share is much more significant is China. For the first time, WP has reached close to 5% sales share in world’s biggest smartphone market. This is more impressive as it indicates a jump of 70% from last month’s data which put WP share at 2.9% for month ending May. So, from 2.9% in May to 4.9% in June it is really sharp rise. Also, interesting to note that Android’s share in the same period declined from 71 to 68%. Is WP eating into Androids’ share then in China? Untitled3

One more significant fact from report is Verizon’s rise as the top Windows Phone carrier in US. At Verizon, WP share is 5% and at AT&T it is 4.5%. Now, since Verizon has 36.9% of overall US sales share and AT&T only 26.5%, this means Verizon is shipping 50% more windows phone than AT&T.

Dear Nokia, kindly pay attention and carefully think about strategy of making all new and awesome devices exclusive to AT&T for long periods!!

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