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Windows Phone global market share and my thoughts for 2014

Jeff Holloway

I am an information systems major. I am a big nokia fan and I am glad to be part of the Nokia power user team. I am also a big fan of fantasy football and fantasy hockey. Currently using a Lumia Icon. Have a nice read and feel free to share your feedback. @fantasyandfones
  • pewsplosions

    I disagree with the notion of needing premium devices. While they are awesome (I have a 1520 and love it…) if WP wants to gain ground in the market there are really two things they need to do. The number one is catch up the app store. The only REAL arguement android and iOS have over WP is that WP doesn’t always have the apps they do. Take that away from them, WP popularity jumps 20x. And the second thing, which is the exact opposite of premium devices but has kind of started with the 520-720… maintain a quality super low cost line of phones.

    For all of Android’s customization, apps, and innovation… it is the cheap phones that make it so dominant in the market. I don’t have numbers off the top of my head, but I would bet it is well over 70% of android users who have cheap older phones. And to emphasize this point even more. The 520, probably the cheapest windows phone, accounts for over 1/3 of all windows phones I’m pretty sure.

    So yes, please keep making awesome devices like the 1520, but it is pretty obvious what needs to be done to keep improving the WP market. More apps(and consideration from developers… I am so tired of seeing ‘play on your mobile device! and ios’ it needs to be play on your mobile device WP, Android, and iOS) and quality low cost phones. Hopefully the merger of the 8.1 app stores will help a lot with the first problem. And the second is doing well, just need to keep it up.

    • The App store comment is kind of interesting. When I bought my first windows phone (modern one), I was switching from an Android, the original droid. I went to the verizon store to buy a windows phone 2.5 years ago. At that point, I was on my second android and had so many problems with both of them, I was just tired of the OS and the problems. I have always trusted Microsoft in the enterprise (I am a techy, Microsoft, Cisco, Enterasys, Linux etc), but never as a phone (I tried an early Microsoft phone and it was horrible). So, I am fairly confident in my technical prowess, after all, it’s what I get paid to do every day.

      I did enough research and comparisons to feel that I wanted to give the Windows phone a try. I was a Verizon customer and they sold the HTC trophy at the time. When I went into the Verizon store, the sales associate tried very hard to convince me to get another Android, obviously his personal preference. I told him that I did not want an Android because the OS was poorly designed. His first argument was that there were only 10,000 apps available in the app store for Microsoft, while Android had 80,000 (both numbers are no longer true, but were at the time).

      Being a wise guy, I said, Oh, I didn’t know I could install 80,000 apps, that does make a big difference. He said, oh, you can’t install all 80,000 apps. I said, oh, well, can I install 10,000? He said, no, you can’t do that either. So, I then told him that I guess it didn’t matter how many they had then since I couldn’t install them all anyway, but really what mattered was if the ones I wanted/used were available. He reluctantly nodded in a semi non-committed agreement.

      So, the big question really is if the apps you want are there and if they aren’t, is there another app that works just as well (or better in most cases I have discovered). For me, the bulk of what I would like are there, but there are a few apps that I would like to have that don’t exist. For instance, my bank has a app, but not for Window phone, my car has a remote control app (starting, location tracking etc) that isn’t in the Windows marketplace. I would like those, but the phone is so much better, I don’t care.

      I just upgraded my phone about two weeks ago to the new Nokia Lumina Icon, which is a truly amazing phone. My old Windows phone still worked as well as it did the day I bought it in August of 2011, save for the fact that I fractured my screen recently.

      I do also have an HTC Android phone that I use for work. It really sucks. I hate that phone, but need to use it for work since my company doesn’t offer a windows phone yet. As soon as they do though….. I will switch that too.

      If you want an app on Window phone, ask the developers to make it. If enough people do, they will respond.

    • Mark

      I agree with you Microsoft should know this by now Its the software (apps) stupid that makes things happen. That is why the PC took off not so much because of the hardware but because of the apps for personal computers. The same is for phones. Microsoft should focus on being the app king and everything else will fall into place. The new 8.1 o/s is a great 1st step. I have the 1520 phone/tablet, Nokia makes a great product. Add the apps and you have a Apple/Android killer.

  • This patents didn’t help them much. Silly investment.

  • Specs aren’t gonna do anything. WP has to evolve and evolve. With zero customization and api access, its going nowhere.

    • Windows phone already is great system. Can’t agree about zero customization. It is just what everyone need. Of course, needs to be developed, but not lost its good sides, that differentiates it from outdated Android.

    • I don’t agree. The customization that Android allows is the reason that the phone OS is so bad. It opens up the door to poor programming and sluggish response. I have an Android phone (have had several) and a Windows phone (have had two) and hands down, the Windows phone is far superior. It’s faster, more reliable, has a fantastic UI and just performs better. I do not have to restart my Windows phone (Had my last one for 2.5 years and only restarted it when I was on a plane every three or four months). That has not been the case with any of my Android phones, They need to be restarted regularly. Overall, I think the Windows phone quality is on par with the iPhone.

  • troll

    Google just sold Moto, so they are out. Very, very interesting.

    • Geeks

      Google has NOT sold Moto, they’re giving it to Lenovo for free ($2.9B in 2014 vs $12.5B in 2012!!!). They failed like crazy!!!

      • Mind it, they still have access to majority of the patents. So what’s lost? A dead brand.