Microsoft has updated both Music and Video apps for devices running Windows Phone 8.1 to latest versions. Full changelogs for both the updates are provided below,

Music changelog:

  • It’s faster to load your collection, particularly the collection lists and artist details
  • Scrolling in your collection album and artist lists is smoother
  • While your phone is charging, the app will opportunistically sync with your cloud collection
  • Better messaging as your collection builds and syncs with the cloud
  • We also fixed a number of bugs! A few notable issues we addressed:

Album art not appearing (or incorrectly using the Xbox Music catalog version) when present in local MP3s
Scrolling through a playlist being jerky and seeming to scroll infinitely
Shuffling your collection having too few songs, and including duplicates
‘New music’ items showing either twice or not at all

Video Changelog:

  • Quicker loading for personal video, movie and TV show collections
  • Expired rental downloads are now automatically cleaned up to free up disk space
  • Additional bug fixes

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