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Nawzil, the popular ex-MSian on Twitter has revealed Build Ids of Windows Phone 8.1 aka Blue. He mentions that Windows Phone 8.1 M3 (Milestone 3) starts from 8.10.12247.0. He has also posted the above screenshot showing many such builds from the analytic of the FB Pages Manager app from FlurryMobile. We have brought to you this rumor which puts a release date of Q2 2014 for the next Windows Phone iteration and we can see the first public preview at “BUILD 2014” to be held on 2nd-4th April.

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Another interesting piece of news comes via Christopher Flores, director of communications for Microsoft. He revealed to TechRadar that Windows Phone devices now have second place in 14 markets around the world, and are outselling Apple’s iPhone in 24 markets too, making it the fastest selling smartphone platform globally. He further mentioned that these markets were in emerging nations, where there is no subsidy on phone prices offered by customers and Apple’s business model fall flat.

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