Home News Watch Lumia 930 getting charged organically using “Potatoes” & “Apples”

Watch Lumia 930 getting charged organically using “Potatoes” & “Apples”


Potato-charging-Lumia-930-inlineNokia has demoed some crazily innovative ideas of charging mobile phones in past, like by harnessing power of lightning, or by just dancing. So, what about a organic charging setup now, yes how about using apples and potatoes to achieve charging of Lumia 930?

Microsoft and Carphone Warehouse teamed up with Caleb Charland, a science enthusiast and artist, to create the magnificent charging art piece. Inspired by the school science project, where an electrical current is generated using a potato, Caleb created ‘Back To Light’ his latest body of work. Caleb has now applied this method to create the Lumia organic charger using 800 apples and potatoes.

Watch the video,

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