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Nokia 3210 4G : Now Available in India!


Not too long ago, I reviewed the Nokia 3210 4G, one of the originals that was reintroduced by HMD Global. The original Nokia 3210 was first introduced in 1999 and just recently celebrated its 25th year anniversary in March 2024.

The Nokia 3210 is among the first devices in the world to feature a compact design without the pointy antenna along side the Nokia 3310.

The modern take of this devices stays true to its original characteristics, being compact, solid and fun to use. Perhaps, the major upgrade that the Nokia 3210 4G brings is the ability to finally use a USB Type C for charging purposes. The reimagined Nokia 3210 4G supports expandable card, has a multi day battery life, a comfortable keypad for typing, wireless FM solution as well as the ability to record calls!

For the Indian market, the Nokia 3210 4G comes with Cloud Apps and UPI which allows you to do a lot more than you could ever do with a regular feature phone. The HMD made Nokia 3210 4G in essence is a nostalgic device with excellent built quality and a really fun device to use.

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