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Nokia 2720 Flip : The Ultimate Kai OS Flip Phone!


It is hard to believe that the Nokia 2720 was released about 4 years ago. The Nokia 2720 is a smarter feature phone with a flip design which makes it a very attractive device to own.

The Nokia 2720 Flip looks more refined and polished compared to the other flip feature phones on the market. The most interesting aspect of the device is that it is running on Kai OS v2.5.2 which has access to important apps such as Whatsapp and Google services.

The large keypad is certainly comfortable for typing though I would prefer if they are slightly raised but that is something not feasible for a flip phone. But the Google assistant button is every ready if you would like to dictate your search and this is certainly handy for a feature phone like the Nokia 2720.

Powered by Qualcomm SD205 with 512MB RAM and 4GB of expandable storage , the performance of the device is generally smooth. It comes with a 2MP camera with flash but unlike the Nokia 2660 Flip, it does not have additional features such as filters and manual control to enhance the user experience.

One other useful aspect of the device is the ability to use it for hotspot purposes, something that the S30+ powered feature phone is not able to do.

For those looking for a simple device with access to useful Google services and Whatasapp or even for hotspot purposes, the Nokia 2720 Flip is still relevant in 2024.

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