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Nokia E52 in 2024: “Hack” Easily for More Features!


I have been asked if at all its still relevant to have this device in 2024. The short answer is no. But for the fans out there that grew up with these type of devices, still in decent and working condition, the prospect of using the device in 2024 is really interesting.

With feature phones gaining traction around the world, and digital detox is on the rise as many people are experience the full spectrum of the digital world, repurposing classic Nokia device as a secondary device is certainly fun and worthwhile. The classic Nokia does not only stand out thanks to its beautiful and solid design but its also complimented with good hardware to get things done.

The E52 is on of the many devices that I have repurposed in recent years, and its definitely something that is rewarding for fans alike. You can watch the video here as I share my tips and tricks on how you can get this done without cracking your head much.

Just a reminder that HMD’s upcoming smartphones will be launched very soon and official details will be shared once it is available.

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