Seems that even Black Lumia 520 is sold out now and all colors are now out of stock at Flipkart. Augurs really well for Nokia’s Q2!!

Thanks everyone who tipped us!!


After Lumia 920 and  620, Lumia 520 has seen strong momentum in India. While it became one of the top seller phone at India’s no.1 retailer Flipkart since the time it went on pre-order, now all Four colors with exception of Black Lumia 520 has sold out at Flipkart. The retailer shows all these colors as “out of stock” now. With Lumia 620 capturing 7% of WP market share in single quarter, Lumia 520 may really provide Nokia the volume momentum it needs going forward!!

Flipkart link

Thanks never2ever 🙂 for the Tip. Cheers!!