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Updated: 360 Buy says 3000 Cyan Lumia 920 units sold in 1 hour of opening bookings. First batch already sold out !!



Now retailer 360 Buy, which runs the Nokia’s official “Jingdong Mall” shop and where the Cyan Lumia 920 has started selling has confirmed that,it is enjoying really very good demand. They have tweeted on “Chinese Twitter” that 3000 units of Cyan Lumia 920 sold in 1 hour of opening the advance reservations for the device.

The translation reads,

Nokia Lumia 920 blue Jingdong exclusive first episode, sold 3,000 units within 1 hour in advance! Secretly tell you, there are a small number of scheduled Oh! Stay tuned Lumia 920 blue, 0 Yuan purchase, purchase phone bill, just select it! Event link: http://t.cn/zYa9aSC
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Nokia China has now listed “Cyan Lumia 920″ at the official website and has also opened the reservations today. The device can be purchased both off-contract for a price of Yuan 4599 and on-contract monthly plans with “China Unicom“. On monthly plans it is available starting from Free. Nokia is also offering “Nokia (NOKIA) DT-900 Wireless charging pad” in Black free with purchase.

But there is only one catch !! The first batch is already “sold out“. For those who have already booked the device, delivery is expected on 25th February.

Great to see strong continued demand for Lumia 920 in China and also Nokia finally offering Five color options, though Grey Lumia 920 arrival should also be round the corner, which will then make it six.

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