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Ubuntu smartphones & Tablets will launch with HERE Maps on-board. HERE signs deal with Accenture & TeliaSonera too.


UbuntuLiving up to its promise of bringing “HERE” mapping services to every platform without its own mapping asset, Nokia will make HERE maps available to yet to be launched Linux based Ubuntu smartphones and Tablets. Nokia has made this announcement in its Q2 earnings release,

Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, will be using positioning services from HERE on Ubuntu for smartphones and tablets, the first of which will be launched later this year. HERE will give Ubuntu phone users a fast and accurate retrieval of positioning information anywhere in the world.

HERE Maps already power budding platforms like Amazon’s Fire phone, Jolla, Firefox and Tizen apart from Windows Phone.

Two more less covered deals with Accenture and TeliaSonera are revealed from the earnings release,

TeliaSonera Finland Plc (part of TeliaSonera Group), provider of network access and telecommunication services, has selected HERE Traffic for the traffic solution it developed for the Finnish Transport Agency.

Accenture, a leading, multinational technology consultancy, has chosen HERE to provide positioning and truck mapping for Continental Corporation’s Digital Tachograph, which monitors driving behavior for fleet companies. With this location based solution, fleet companies can make sure there are complying with European Union regulation on driver rest periods and manage their fleet operations more efficiently.


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