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There are two reports posted by different sources regarding “feature list” of upcoming GDR3 update for WP8. One report has popped at “Reddit” with following list,

So here’s what’s coming in GDR3:

  • Orientation Lock
  • Driver Mode, will turn on automatically when you connect it via Bluetooth. Can reject phone calls / sms and send auto reply back
  • Ability to have 3 medium sized tiles in a row
  • 1080p / new SoCs, which we knew for quite some time now

Other features that are currently being tested and are likely to be pushed to GDR3:

80% chance

  • Ability to actually close the apps via multi tasking

60% chance

  • Silent NFC (meaning no more constant confirmations for pairing something)

Please don’t ask for source, there is none.

Now the other source which is Verge, actually validates above list and adds that

Microsoft is also planning to sync text messages from Windows Phones to PCs and the web. The feature might not make it in time for the GDR3 release as it’s still being finalized, but we understand it’s designed to let Windows Phone users view text messages on the web and on PCs, without having to view them on the handset.

They also mention that the GDR3 development is scheduled to finish in September to match with the “Lumia Phablet” announcement. It has been confirmed by our sources as well.


Actually, most important changes like 1080p display and quad-core support for new devices are already known and the above changes will be what old device owners will be looking forward to.

Source 1  Source 2

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