app-gamesSome games and apps for you which you won’t regret trying!!

OverVolt: crazy slot cars is a racing game inspired by Scalextric game. The game is funded by App Campus (Microsoft, Nokia and Aalto University). It is certainly good fun and is exclusive to Windows Phone. The premium version is free for a limited time at the store now.


Run crazy miniature slot cars in OverVolt! Customize your car, challenge your friends, use the power-UPs, and be the best of the neighbourhood!
Challenge the top of the class! Control your favourite cars through six fantastic scenarios and forty cool tracks of single and multiplayer mode!
• Control your miniature car without letting them fly out of the track
• Create your-own unique car style! Go to the store-dedicated section and shoot a picture of whatever you like! Enjoy your personalized car, playing it and sharing it on you facebook profile!
• Look in the store for all the power-ups you can use during the races
• Choose among more than 25 cars with great styles and characteristics
• Race your friends, challenge them on facebook and share the results climbing the ladder of the rankings!

The game is free-to play including:
• One scenario: ten single player levels
• Three multiplayer matches per day
• Real life car customization features

Premium version includes:
• The complete single player experience: three scenarios and thirty levels
• Unlimited multiplayer
• +5000 credits
• Free saving of personalized car textures

Logos Quizzle is a puzzle game based on Logos. It enjoys good initial reviews and ratings.


Test your knowledge with more than 420 logos, split up into 16 levels, whose 4 bonus. All of them are worldwide known brands, belonging to various categories: mobile apps, travels, clothes, food, drinks, cars, high-tech companies, …

The rules are simple: guess the displayed logo as quickly as possible. Once you have found 25 logos, you unlock the following level. For each logo, 3 clues are available to help you in this quest. And if you are blocked on a logo, get help from your friends by sharing this logo (via Facebook, Twitter, or email).

After being trained on the solo mode, and certainly have improved your knowledge, challenge your friends on a multiplayer game. For that, there are 2 modes:
• Local multiplayer mode, to beat your friends on your phone
• NFC multiplayer mode, where you can connect up to 4 devices via the NFC, to beat your friends

myFinance is a simple yet powerful expense tracker with OneDrive integration and is ad-free.


– Most relevant information at a glance
– Manage multiple accounts with separate balances
– Add expense, income, and transfer between accounts
– Some categories, currencies have been created for you, but you can always create more
– See where your money goes with category report
– See your actual and predicted daily/monthly expense report in myFinance exclusive
– OneDrive backup
– No ads
– Timing of the transitions and animations were now adjusted
– Minor bug fixing and performance optmizing

OverVolt link

Logos Quizzle link

myFinance link