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The Boring Phone Introduced by HMD!


This might be shocking to some, but HMD just announced The Boring Phone. This is a device that is made in collaboration with Heineken and Bodega(US brand and retail marketplace) and its not like any other devices that they have launched till date.

But what is The Boring Phone?

The Boring Phone is a retro themed flip phone with a transparent case that is meant to take digital detox to a new level. Based on the observation done, as much as 90% of the targeted audience, the Zillennials are often trapped in doom scrollling while socializing with friends and family. Most of them are either busy checking mails, playing games or just scrolling social media contents when they are suppose to focus on the people around them.

The Boring Phone does exactly what it is needed to keep you away from the device and spend quality time at your hang outs. It strips away the distraction of modern devices and stays true to what a phone does, to send and receive calls ad text messages with no means to download apps , which is the perfect device for you to have at your next meet up.

The Boring Phone will be unveiled at the Milan Design Weak on Thursday 18th April. The phone will have limited production and availability but for those wanting to experience The Boring Phone, an app that will turn smartphones into a boring one will be launched in June.

Here are some high resolution images of The Boring Phone and its specification.

In weeks to come, there are more new device announcements that will follow, so do follow me on X for more updates on the gohttps://twitter.com/theoriginal086.

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