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That Nokia’s Android “Normandy” phone can see release, gets support from evleaks.


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2014’s first post and one would like to begin the year on a positive note, right? So, here is something which will make many of you happy. We reported from our sources that Nokia Normandy aka Nokia’s Android nPhone may have been put on release path already by Nokia and so it may eventually see a release even in face of MS-Nokia deal. From our earlier article,

Our sources also hinted that Nokia has put the product on release path so it may get launched even in face of Nokia-MS deal. This leak reinforces the possibility of the Nokia nPhone running forked Android seeing the light of day.

Now this gets support from a recent tweet from evleaks, who mentions that “The reports of Normandy’s death have been greatly exaggerated”

This simply means that this Normandy aka nPhone running forked Android still has a chance of getting released and the reports of its death (which we simply didn’t cover due to our contrary belief) were not correct.

What we can add from our knowledge is that it will have 4-inch display and will come in dual-sim flavour as well with a variant code RM-980. We also have been tipped by our sources that the team working on this “Project N” will stay back and merge with Nokia’s emerging devices team which again is working on many interesting devices like Nokia Smart Watch.

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