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Tango brings new features,fragmentation to WP OS; Nokia Lumia 610 to be cheapest windows phone!!


Now after some leaked screenshots of “Tango” the new version of Windows phone OS, it becomes clear that even Windows Phone is heading towards the much feared “Fragmentation” a big reason for saying no to Android by Nokia.

WP7Forum.ru has posted some leaked screenshots of Windows Phone Tango and on the problems that come with having a 256 MB RAM memory size. Low end devices with 256 MB will be unable to install some applications, and will have other restrictions, such as third-party Live Tiles not updating automatically.In addition podcasts will  not be manageable from the device, and video streams lower than 4 MBs and encoding of H.264 v2 will only be supported. Further photos will now no longer be uploaded to SkyDrive automatically. Check the screenshots below.


 Now coming to good changes that Tango brings,

  • Tango will support many new countries, will be able to automatically download and update apps via Zune.
  • Increase in the number of pre-installed applications from 16 to 40.
  • It will also bring new features, such as being able to manage contacts directly on the SIM card and also to export contacts to the SIM. This is to allow users to more easily transition from a feature phone to a smartphone.
  • For roaming it will bring new settings, allowing users to select no, domestic or international roaming.
  • Owners will be able to make multiple attachments to one MMS message, including pictures, sound and video.
  • Additionally OEMs will be allowed to ship devices with 3 megapixel or higher cameras.

Now coming to second piece of this article, Techradar reports through their sources that Lumia 610 (rumored to be launched at MWC) is set to tread new ground for the Windows Phone platform and enter the market as a pay as you go only offering and that the budget model will be priced very aggressively in UK shops.

This has been confirmed that Lumia 610 will be running the Windows Phone Tango, which is expected to be launched at MWC 2012 by Microsoft. As seen in the above screenshots it seems that Lumia 610 might come with budget phone specs like 256 MB RAM and lower mega pixel camera resolution.

Definite pricing for the Nokia Lumia 610 has yet to be confirmed for the new phone as yet, but the idea of a Windows Phone handset for under £100 should surely start getting the budget Android manufacturers a little hot under the collar.

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