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Microsoft posts Official Windows Hello Setup tutorial video

Microsoft has now posted one more official support tutorial. This video show how to setup Windows Hello on Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL and use it to unlock your phone and confirm purchases...

Lumia Support posts step by step Continuum setup & use video tutorial

Last we have posted a detailed article that attempts to provide you all the info about Continuum for Phones including Setup, Accessories, How to Use, Keyboard shortcuts and many other FAQs. You can read...

All that you need to know about Continuum for Phones.

Continuum for Phones is a cool and productive Windows 10 Mobile feature that allows to useĀ  your phone as a big-screen projector for a PC like experience on external display. With help of a...

How to Fix Start Screen on Windows 10 Mobile Build 10581. “Hey Cortana” issue...

Windows 10 Mobile Build 10581 is here and it is listed in the known issues and bugs that Start Screen may get corrupted and appear something like above "post upgrade" for some. Though frankly...

How to get Cortana on Windows 10 Mobile outside of US. Cortana Changelog.

If you are already running Windows 10 Mobile preview on your supported devices and you are outside of US, you may be missing Cortana. But if you have used the getting Cortana (US) trick...


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