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Titanfall is officially launched | WinCentral

And the “Titanfall” has officially landed! The first locations to receive the game are Asian countries. Jon, (who writes code for Titanfall) from Respawn has posted a small graph as well showing the online...

Xbox One’s March update rolling out today. Video demo | WinCentral

Microsoft promised two updates for Xbox One. While the February update was major system improvement, the March update focuses on making multiplayer experience much better. The March update will start rolling out today and...

Xbox Live Gold for $39 at Microsoft store. Titanfall Beta till 19th Feb |...

This looks like a great deal! Xbox Live Gold 12-month membership is now available for only $39 at Microsoft store. This amounts to a $20 discount on the original price of $59. Read More at...

Gamers rejoice!! Titanfall Beta now opens to all Xbox One owners | WinCentral

Great news coming via Major Nelson blog!! The Titanfall Beta which had been limited to those with codes till now, has been opened to all Xbox One owners, now. It may not appear at...


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