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Telegram app on Android crosses 500 Million download in Google Play Store

Yesterday we reported about the Google Messages app crossing 1 billion download mark on the Android platform in the Google Play Store. Now another app has got a great number of download achievements. Popular cross-platform...

Telegram for Android updated with improved media playback and much more

Telegram is now getting one more update on the Android version. The update to Telegram for Android comes with updated app version 5.12.1 in the Google Play Store. It comes with an update size of...

Telegram for Android updated with new features. Detailed changelog inside

Popular messaging app Telegram is now getting a new update. The update to Telegram app is being pushed on Android platform. The new update to Telegram for Android comes with app version 5.8.0 in the...

Telegram App Updated For Windows Phone With Bug Fixes

One of the popular messaging app and WhatsApp competitor Telegram today snagged a minor update in Windows phone store. This update doesn't include any new features. Last update was introduced bot 2.0 API and...

Telegram for Windows 10 latest update adds Bot 2.0 API

Telegram has received a new update for Windows 10 mobile. The new version is The latest update adds support for the company’s Bot 2.0. API. Telegram Changelog: Bot API 2.0, the largest since June 2015....

Telegram Updated With New Privacy Settings And More

One of the competitor of WhatsApp messenger Telegram today snagged a major update in Windows store. This update consists of some fixes and some new features for privacy settings. One thing is special about telegram...

Telegram updated for Windows Phone with improvements

Telegram for Windows Phone received a new update. The latest update doesn't bring any major changes, however there are some improvements to the app. Changelog: The ability to order sticker packs Supporting from bold, italic and inline...

Official ITV player & Telegram messenger come to Windows Phone

Two apps add themselves to the series of official most-wanted apps list for Windows Phone. Ngram, the Telegram client becomes official "Telegram Messenger Beta" with an update and now is owned by "Telegram Messenger...

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