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Nokia’s Chennai Plant may start functioning again, hints GOI

  Nokia's Chennai Plant had stopped functioning in November due to ongoing Tax issues in India and also because of Microsoft refusing to use Chennai plat for production of its phones. Microsoft decided to kill Nokia X, Asha and Nokia Feature Phones as part of its major restructuring post Nokia-Microsoft deal

Nokia’s Chennai plant may go to Indian manufacturer Lava

  ET reports that Nokia's Chennai plant, that has been officially closed on November 1, may soon get a new lease of life, but under a new master. Indian manufacturer Lava is reportedly in talks with Nokia to buy the plant and seems they have already visited the plant to do

Nokia wants to sell Chennai plant early, seeks nod.

Nokia is planning to sell Chennai plant, where it will stop production from November 1, after Microsoft terminated the service agreement. The service agreement was signed earlier at the time of deal-closure between Nokia and Microsoft. The plant was not transferred to Microsoft, due to asset-freeze imposed by Supreme court over

Nokia files writ against new Tax claim by Tamil Nadu state government.

Nokia has today released a press statement in regards to  a new "Tax claim" against it in India, this time by the Tamil Nadu state government, though. Chennai plant was built on Government provided SEZ land and you may know that companies manufacturing and exporting items from SEZ enjoy tax