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Nokia Wasp variants TA-1179/TA-1191 pass FCC certification hinting at a sooner launch

We had reported about a new Nokia smartphone, Nokia Wasp appearing in FCC and BIS certification. Now, two new variants of the Nokia Wasp TA-1179/TA-1191 has passed FCC certification. The application for TA-1191 reveals it...

Nokia Wasp variant TA-1183 passes BIS certification in India. May get launched soon

We last reported about the Indian variant TA-1183 of an upcoming Nokia smartphone code-named "Wasp" via FCC certification. Now, the good news is that this variant TA-1183 has passed BIS certification in India thereby...

Nokia “Wasp” TA-1184 passes certification in Canada now

We last reported about Nokia "Wasp" passing FCC certification as variants TA-1184/TA-1188/TA-1183. The smartphone now has passed certification in Canada too thereby confirming that is is destined to arrive in the US and Canada. In...

Nokia “Wasp” TA-1184/TA-1188/TA-1183 specs revealed via FCC certification.

A new Nokia smartphone with Wasp code-name has been seen in the FCC certification as TA-1184. The FCC certification documents also reveal that it is the same as TA-1188 and also has an India-specific...

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