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Nokia 9 PureView, 4.2 & 3.2 have passed BIS certification in India

While HMD has teased launch of Nokia 4.2 on May 7  in India, it has delayed the launch of Nokia 9 PureView as per sources in retail. Now, Nokia 3.2, 4.2 and 9 PureView...

Nokia 9 Pureview (TA-1087) at FCC reveals variants, design and more

Nokia 9 PureView variant TA-1087 has passed certification at FCC today also revealing details about its two other variants TA-1082 and TA-1094. It seems that TA-1082 is the Single SIM global variant of Nokia...

Nokia 9 Pureview variants TA-1094, TA-1082 & TA-1087 appear in Bluetooth certification

Nokia 9 Pureview may be heading for its imminent release soon as its three variants TA-1094, TA-1082 & TA-1087 have passed Bluetooth certification. You may remember the TA-1094 variant that was spotted on the Nokia...

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