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Nokia beats profit forecasts, Posts a strong future outlook, announces 0.14 per share dividend

Nokia has done really well, post sale of its D&S division to Microsoft. The Q4 2014 results are really good and all three of its businesses are growing and are profitable. Nokia CEO...

Smart Watch sales to grow by 500% in 2014. Strong growth predicted for Business...

In our Industry trends section, we are bringing to you two predictions about Smart devices' future trends. We have just reported a tip about Nokia's Smart watch destined for second half of 2014. And,...

DNA: Jolla smartphone has seen strong buyer’s interest throughout Finland.

DNA, the launch partner of Jolla in Finland has said in a press release today that Jolla smartphones have seen strong interest from buyers throughout the country. The interest in the phone box is strong...

Q2 and Lumia 920T still getting strong traction across China Mobile online stores!!

So, we are already in Q2 of 2013. So, how well Lumia 920T is still doing at world’s largest carrier “China Mobile“? A quick check at three of the major regional online stores tells us that Lumia 920T is...


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