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Specs of Nokia RM-1130 & ID313, two low-end Lumias leaked by GFXBench entries

We reported about RM-1130 sighting and assumed it to be one of the variants of RM-1127 and RM-1128. Guess what we were wrong. RM-1130 seems to be totally different device with 3.8-inch, 799x480 resolution...

Lumia with RM-1128 & RM-1130 variant codes leaks at GFXBench with Snapdragon 210 &...

Update: Well, here is the third variant RM-1130 (Apart from RM-1127 & RM-1128) that has been seen in "unprocessed results" at GFXBench by one of our readers (check in comments). It is marked as "eu_italy_307"...

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